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Salmon - healthy and tasty meals

Salmon - healthy and tasty meals

Salmon pasta in Italy - sashimi in Japan

When it comes to healthy eating, almost nothing can compare with salmon. The fish is full of vitamins, Omega-3 and proteins. Furthermore, salmon is low in calories, and contains almost only healthy fat. It is so healthy that the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety, in its report for 2014, concluded that everyone should eat more fish, or, as we would put it – salmon. Nevertheless, the main reasons for salmon’s popularity as a foodstuff are the taste and the many different ways in which this fish can be served. You can eat it raw. You can poach it, bake it, roast it or grill it. So we are proud to see that our sustainable salmon is served as salmon pasta in Italy, as sushi in Japan or grilled in the USA. 


Important for ensuring a normal metabolism.   


Important for the body's immune system. It combats chemical proteins and protects against environmental toxins.   


Important for the body's ability to produce new cells. If you have insufficient vitamin B12 in your body, you can become anaemic.   


Important for having a correct calcium balance. Important vitamin for maintaining and strengthening bones.   


For good vision and a robust immune system. Also important for foetal development and reproductive ability.   


Needed to build and maintain the body's cells.   


Prevents and halts the development of heart and vascular disease. These marine fatty acids are central building blocks in our brains.   

Quality at all levels

Quality at all levels

Norway Royal Salmon was established by 34 Norwegian salmon farmers in 1992. These farmers already had extensive experience in salmon farming and some of them were recognized as pioneers within the farming industry. The philosophy behind Norway Royal Salmon was to build a totally integrated fish farming chain in order to take full control over quality in all parts of the business.

In the years that have passed since the start, the company has stuck to its business plan and has grown by acquiring and taking over various aquaculture companies. Today, Norway Royal Salmon is a fully integrated salmon farming company with full control of the process from smolt to the market place.

The company is a leading producer of sustainable salmon and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. We sell about 70,000 tons of salmon every year. This equates to almost 1 million salmon meals per day, all year round.

Exports all over the world

Exports all over the world

Norway Royal Salmon exports almost 1 million salmon meals every day. Our sustainable salmon are most often shipped as fresh salmon chilled on ice. This method preserves excellent quality all the way to the market places of Europe, the USA and Asia and says a great deal about the efficiency of our advanced production and logistics operations. Total control of the quality of our salmon farming from smolt to the market place enables us to ship fresh salmon around the world. It is this excellent quality that makes it possible to serve the salmon raw as sushi or sashimi around the world.