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Norway Royal Salmon was founded by 34 fish farming companies as a sales and marketing company for farmed salmon.


Norway Royal Salmon took control of Reinhartsen Seafood AS with 90.1%. The company changed name to NRS Sales AS, and at the same  time Salmon Invest AS was established.


Merger of Norway Royal Salmon AS – Norway Royal Salmon Sales AS and Salmon Invest AS.


Capital increase of NOK 50 million undertaken, assisted by Pareto Private Equity AS.


100% takeover of Feøy Fiskeoppdrett AS and Åmøy Fiskeoppdrett AS, together with 82.5% stake in Nor Seafood AS.


Capital increase of NOK 100 million undertaken, assisted by Pareto Private Equity AS.


100% takeover of Altafjord Laks AS and 76,5% stake in AS Tri and Salmo Arctica AS.


100% takeover of AS Brilliant Fiskeoppdrett.


Establishing Nord-Senja Laks AS with NRS ownership of 67%. Takeover of 100% ogf the shares in AS Tri, which is merged with Altafjord Laks AS. NRS conversion into a limited company - Norway Royal Salmon ASA.


Norway Royal Salmon listed on Oslo Stock Exchange in 29th March 2011.


Norway Royal Salmon is appointed 10 green licenses. 1 to NRS Feøy, 2 to Nord Senja Laks, 2 to Nor Seafood and 5 to NRS Finnmark.

In the next 5 years, Norway Royal Salmon will develop

... into Norway’s most profitable salmon company

... from a medium-sized to a large salmon company

... by becoming a preferred employer

... through sustainable growth

Arctic Offshore Farming

Norway Royal Salmon wants to get in touch with potential suppliers and partners who together with Aker Solutions will develop Arctic Offshore Farming as the future offshore technology for the aquaculture industry.

Read more about Arctic Offshore Farming and register interest here.

Norway Royal Salmon supports development in rural areas.

Norway Royal Salmon supports development in rural areas.

Norway Royal Salmon is a manufacturer of healthy and nutritional foodstuffs. At the same time, our industry is an important part of the local communities where we have a presence. It is important for Norway Royal Salmon to maintain a good reputation – locally, nationally and in the markets where we sell our products. Therefore, we have decided to support children and young people, sports and other projects that promote our objectives.

An important part of local communities.

An important part of local communities.

As our business activities represent an important element in local communities, Norway Royal Salmon wishes to contribute so that local sports teams and other voluntary organisations can benefit from our presence. We have therefore chosen to support several sports teams in Finnmark, Troms, Trøndelag, Vestlandet and in Southern Norway. We have also chosen to support organisations such as Team Horisont, that is involved in dog sledding. One of our employees, Maria Sparboe, completed one of the toughest versions ever of the 1000 km long Finnmarksløpet in 2014. 

Team Glad Laks is a large group of young, promising biathletes in Western Norway, to which we and other companies in the industry provide support. In 2014, we also supported several local projects of major importance to local communities, including the refurbishment of community centres in Norway.

Not only to reinforce our reputation in the short term, but also to establish a dialogue with tomorrow’s decision makers, we find it both rewarding and a pleasure to participate alongside today's young people. It is also encouraging to note that young people in general and sports enthusiasts in particular appear to love salmon! So we feel we gain mutual benefit and satisfaction with this cooperation.