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Ticker: NRS
ISIN: NO0010331838
Org nr.: 864 234 232 NO
Number of shares: 43 572 191  à nominal NOK1,- per share


ABG Sundal Collier

Martin Kaland

Phone: +47 22 01 60 67



Danske Bank

Joakim Petterson

Phone:  +47 85 40 70 74


DNB Markets

Alexander Aukner

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Ketil Lye

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Christian Nordby

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Nils Thommesen

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Financial calendar 2022 for Norway Royal Salmon ASA:

23.02.2022 Presentation of preliminary annual results 2021
06.04.2022 Annual Report
25.05.2022  Presentation Q1 2022
02.06.2022  Annual General Meeting 2022
31.08.2022  Presentation Q2 2022
16.11.2022 Presentation Q3 2022

Please note that the financial calendar may be subject to change.

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements acc. to § 5-12 vphl (Norwegian Securities Trading Act)

General Assembly

Largest shareholders 30.09.22

Rank Stake Name
1 68.13708 NTS ASA
2 3.54740 Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
4 1.84516 Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB
6 1.46869 The Northern Trust Comp, London Br
7 1.45440 State Street Bank and Trust Comp
9 0.92130 Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB
10 0.91220 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., London
11 0.85487 The Bank of New York Mellon
13 0.64406 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., London
16 0.46252 The Bank of New York Mellon
18 0.44092 State Street Bank and Trust Comp
20 0.41952 The Bank of New York Mellon

Articles of Association

Articles of Association, as worded after amendment adopted in the general meeting of 6. June 2019

Articles of Association

Shareholder Services

Registrar of Norway Royal Salmon ASA ( 864 234 232 NO)
is Sparebank1 SMN – Trondheim.

The shares are registered in:
Norwegian Central Securities Depository (VPS) with ISIN NO0010331838.
Oslo Stock Exhange (OSE)  – ticker NRS.

Total number of shares issued is 43.572.191 shares with a par value NOK 1,-.

The assessed value as of 31.12.2021 is NOK 163,4 per share.

The assessed value as of 31.12.2020 is NOK 214,6 per share.
Dividend paid in 2020 was NOK 3,00 per share.

The assessed value as of 31.12.2019 is NOK 239,2 per share.
Dividend paid in 2019 was NOK 5,00 per share.

The assessed value as of 31.12.2018 is NOK 179,0 per share.
Dividend paid in 2018 was NOK 6,00 per share.

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    Archived webcasts

    The prerequisite for good corporate governance is a clear and transparent relationship between owners, the board of directors and management. Good corporate governance will instil confidence and trust among all interested parties and will provide a firm basis on which to create value and good results. Good corporate governance is important to Norway Royal Salmon (“NRS” or the “Company”) and the Company’s principles of corporate governance have been drawn up in accordance with the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance.

    The Company’s object is to engage in the production, processing, trading and distribution of seafood, and participate in other companies associated with the seafood industry. The Company’s further object is to engage in quality assurance and chain management for partner companies.

    The Company’s core value is the fundamental belief that better results can be achieved both for companies and for the local community if companies are involved in the community and if they exercise authority and leadership.

    The following strategic key points have been adopted by the board of directors:

    • NRS shall be an efficient and profitable aquaculture company.
    • NRS shall rune an effective and profitable sales organisation.
    • NRS shall provide a competitive return on investment to its shareholders.
    • NRS shall offer affiliated producers economies of scale with respect to sales, procurement, quality assurance an other imoportant services.
    • NRS wishes to be a shareholder in companies associated with aquaculture industry.

    Equity and dividends
    The Company shall maintain a level of equity appropriate to the Company’s objectives, strategy and risk profile. The Company’s aim is for shareholder returns to reflect the value created by the Company and convert into dividends, as well as an increased share price. Dividends shall remain stable over time and shall make up 30-40% of the group’s net profit, provided that the Company’s own capital requirements have been met. Over time, monetary value shall be created by way of share price rises rather than paid-out dividends.

    Equal treatment of shareholders and freely negotiable shares

    It is the Company’s policy to treat all shareholders equally. Shareholders shall not be subjected to differential treatment without basis in the Company or the shareholders’ commonality of interest. The Company’s shares are freely negotiable and there are no restrictions on the purchase and sale of the Company’s shares beyond that which follows from Norwegian law. All shares belong to a single class, and each share has one vote at the Company’s general meetings.

    General Meeting
    An ordinary annual general meeting shall be held within six months of the end of each financial year. Extraordinary general meetings may be called by the board of directors at any time.

    All shareholders shall receive a written invitation to attend the general meeting. Motions and necessary background information along with documents to be produced at the general meeting shall be made available on the Company’s website no later than 21 days before the general meeting. Shareholders who are unable to attend may vote by proxy.

    The general meeting shall elect members to the board of directors, set the level of remuneration of board members, adopt the annual accounts and board of directors report and consider any other matters pertaining to the general meeting according to laws or regulations. The chairman of the board of directors, the management and the auditor shall attend the ordinary general meeting.

    Nomination committee
    The Company’s nomination committee comprises three members elected by the general meeting for two year at a time. The nomination committee shall put forward proposals to the general meeting on the election of members and deputy members to the board of directors. The recommendation fore the chair of the board is given separately.Their proposals shall be justified. The nomination committee shall give a recommendiaton for the remuneration for the members of the board of directors.

    Composition and independence of the board of directors
    The composition of the board of directors is designed to protect the common interests of the shareholders and the Company’s need for expertise, capacity and diversity. The board of directors shall be composed in such a way that it can act independently of special interests. Executive staff, and material business contacts and at least two of the members elected by the shareholders shall be independent of the Company’s main shareholders.
    Members of the board of directors shall be elected for a period of two years at a time.

    The work of the board of directors
    The board of directors has the overall responsibility for the management of the Company. The chief executive shall be elected by the board of directors and shall have a duty to report to the board. A separate set of instructions for the board of directors defines the cases to be considered by the board of directors and its areas of responsibility, along with the responsibilities of the chief executive.

    Risk management and internal controls
    Efficient management focusing on risk and good internal controls is an overarching criterion for the success of NRS and forms an integrated part of its business operations. The ability to plan, structure, implement and evaluate projects is an important part of the business. The Company is governed according to set financial targets. Reporting takes place on a monthly basis and includes both financial and non-financial parameters. Focus is on profitability and risk linked to each area of business. Emphasis is placed on following up results, and focus is directed towards measures in areas that are not achieving the desired level of growth. The aim of risk management and internal controls is to handle risks linked to the business and to improve the quality of financial reporting. Effective risk management and internal controls help protect the shareholders’ investments and the Company’s assets. The board of directors believes NRS has effective internal controls and a level of risk management appropriate to the business.

    Remuneration of the board of directors
    Remuneration of the board of directors shall reflect the board’s responsibilities, expertise and time use, as well as the complexity of the business. Remuneration shall not be linked to financial results. Options shall not be issued to members of the board of directors. Remuneration shall be set by the general meeting based on recommendiation of the nomination committee. Further information about remuneration of the board of directors is given in the notes to the annual accounts.

    Remuneration of executive staff
    Remuneration of the chief executive shall be set by the board of directors. The remuneration comprises a fixed salary and a variable part (bonus), which is dependent on achieving set goals.

    Information and communication
    NRS shall ensure that all shareholders receive accurate, clear, relevant and timely information concerning all matters of financial importance to the shareholders. Financial information is published on NRS’ website and in press releases. The annual report and quarterly reports are published in both Norwegian and English.

    In the event of a takeover bid, the board of directors shall not seek to prevent or obstruct such a bid being made for the Company’s business or shares, unless there are particular grounds for doing so. If a bid is made for the Company’s shares, the board of directors shall issue a statement with an assessment of the bid and a recommendation as to whether or not shareholders should accept it. The board of directors’ statement will specify whether the assessment was unanimous.

    The auditor shall participate in board meetings at which the annual accounts are being discussed. Each year the auditor shall present a main outline of the auditing of the Company to the board of directors.

    • Paal Espen Johnsen


    • Bjørn Gabriel Reed

      Board member

    • Sissel Gladsø

      Board member

    • Kolbjørn Opsahl Selmer

      Board Member

    • Mariann Dønnum

      Board member

    • Lillian Margrete Bondø

      Deputy member

    • Charles Høstlund

       CEO (Interim)

    • Bjørn Kleven

      CFO (interim)

    • Anne-Sofie Utne

      COO Business Development

    • John Gunnar Grindskar

      (1970), COO Farming

    Election Committee
    • Kristine Landmark


    • Solveig Gaasø


    • Harry Bøe