United Kingdom

We produce under the best conditions

100% of Norway Royal Salmon’s salmon is produced in Norway. The remote areas along our Northern coast and the fresh, cold water provide optimal conditions for farmed salmon.

Local farmers – local knowledge

The local farmers along the Norwegian coast who established Norway Royal Salmon already had extensive experience within salmon farming and they were pioneers in the farming business. They lived by the sea and had a long tradition of working in close contact with nature. As fishermen and salmon farmers, they knew a lot about how to manage the resources they could harvest from the sea sustainably. This tradition has continued, and all our facilities are operated by local people with a close relationship to the sea.

Committed by name

A company may be established and then develop through a series of coincidences, but that is not the case with Norway Royal Salmon. When we started our journey towards becoming one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable Norwegian salmon we chose the name with care. We intended to give a clear signal about where we were heading, in terms of our relationship with the natural environment, the public and customers. Our name clearly reflects our commitment.

Committed to a sustainable future

When one is raised on the Norwegian coast, you learn to appreciate your surroundings. You respect the environment. It becomes part of your identity. This is also a part of Norway Royal Salmon’s identity. We are committed to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly salmon farms.

As a leading producer of sustainable Norwegian salmon, Norway Royal Salmon works hard every day at making our salmon farming even more sustainable. We think it is important for us to take care of the sea as well as being a provider of sustainable food for future generations.

We can promise that in Norway Royal Salmon we will continue our efforts to stay at the forefront of sustainable salmon farming – our very name commits us to this.