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Norway Royal Salmon committed to eco-friendly fish feed

Norway Royal Salmon strengthens its efforts to limit the use of soybean from rain forest regions in the aquaculture industry.

In a joint effort with other Norwegian actors in the aquaculture industry, Norway Royal Salmon has committed itself to refrain from buying fish feed from suppliers that manufacture soy from endangered rain forests. Soy production is considered to be one of the biggest contributors to the deforestation in South America. 

The Norwegian fish farms have taken a lead globally to press feed producers shift to sustainable soy in the production of fish and animal feed. The effort has been met with acclaim from The World Rainforest Fund. 

Norway Royal Salmon works hard every day at making our salmon farming even more sustainable. It is important for us to be a provider of sustainable food today and for future generations. To achieve this, we are obliged to make sure that the fish feed we use, come from sustainable sources.