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Norway Royal Salmon builds giant smolt production plant

Norway Royal Salmon is constructing one of the world´s largest smolt production plants in the world.

The new facility is located in Karlsøy, not far from the arctic city Tromsø in Norway. It will be raised in four stages, the first of which is soon to be completed. It will contain space for hatching and feeding, in addition to administration offices. 

The project, which is estimated to cost 750 MNOK in total, will strenghten the supply capacity of salmon smolt to Norway Royal Salmon´s many fish farms in Norway. The company produces about 70 000 tonnes of salmon annually, equating almost one million daily meals all year round.  

All of Norway Royal Salmon’s salmon is produced in Norway, in remote areas along our coast, where fresh, cold water provides optimal conditions for farmed salmon.

The company takes great pride in the quality of its salmon. Thanks to a fully integrated production line, from from smolt to the global marketplace, we in Norway Royal Salmon are able to serve our customers with fresh, top quality salmon.