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Norway Royal Salmon ASA: NRS acquires remaining outstanding shares in Nord Senja Laks AS for a cash consideration of NOK 70 million

Norway  Royal  Salmon  ASA  ("NRS")  has  today  entered  into an agreement with

Botnhamn  Fisk  AS  to  acquire  135 shares  in  Nord  Senja  Laks  AS  ("NSL"),

corresponding  to  33.3 %  of  the  outstanding  shares  in  NSL  for  a  cash

consideration  of NOK 70 million (the "Transaction"). Following the Transaction,

NRS will own 100 % of the shares in NSL.

NSL  owns five farming licenses and is part of NRS Region North located on Senja

in  Troms.  The  total  harvest  volume  for  NSL  in 2015 was 4,415 tonnes. The

Transaction  indirectly corresponds  to an  acquisition of 1.67 farming licenses

including  biomass and fixed assets. This yields an enterprise value per license

of approximately NOK 51 million.


The  rationale behind the Transaction is to consolidate NRS's farming operations

in  Northern  Norway  to  increase  production  efficiency  going  forward.  The

Transaction  fortifies NRS's position in Troms,  an important future growth area

for the fish farming industry.


The  Transaction, including transfer of assets, is expected to close on 10 March



For further information, please contact:

Charles Høstlund


+47 994 18 449


Ola Loe


+47 911 79 411